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Facing the "meta universe" craze calmly Dec 15, 2021

Suddenly, Yuan Universe became on fire. In the recently released "Top Ten Internet Terms of 2021", "Meta Universe" is listed as proof. The impact of Meta Universe on the technology circle began on March 10 when Roblox, a game plat...

The acquisition of Magnachip was blocked, the acquisition of the ASE factory, and the acquisition of Ziguang Group, the investment layout of Zhilu Capital! Dec 15, 2021

On December 14, Zhilu Capital’s acquisition of MagnaChip was forced to terminate because it had not been approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), and many people in the industry were quite diss...

At the time of the "first year" of the composite robot landing, what new changes have AMR made? Dec 14, 2021

In 1959, the first industrial robot was born in the United States. So far, the application of robots has been extended to many industries, and the original industrial robots have also become a huge family, with welding robots, pal...

Without the ecological Internet of Things, how to gather sand into a tower? Dec 13, 2021

The Internet of Things has been developing for many years, and the big ecology and interconnection have been shouted for many years. Has it really succeeded? It seems not. Under this circumstance, many new opportunities have appea...

Huawei's semiconductor investment landscape: 33 companies, full coverage of EDA, equipment, silicon carbide, analog radio frequency, MEMS, etc. Dec 10, 2021

Recently, Huawei has invested intensively in a number of companies, including Jingtuo Semiconductor, Shendi Semiconductor, Shanghai Semitech Software Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Dezhi New Material Co., Ltd., involving semiconducto...

Far away oil! The import of chips exceeds 2.5 trillion yuan, siphoning global electronics manufacturing, and domestic chips are also "popping red"! Dec 9, 2021

On the evening of December 7, the General Administration of Customs of China announced import and export data for the first 11 months of 2021. Statistics show that my country’s total import and export value was RMB 35.39 trillion ...

PD 3.1 fast charge protocol chip inventory Dec 8, 2021

The PD 3.1 protocol standard has been launched for half a year, and Apple has also launched the first 140W fast charge that supports the PD 3.1 fast charge standard. With the increase in output power and the continuous expansion o...

The car "black box" EDR exploded, and a new 100-billion-level track appeared. See who will benefit from the dismantling diagram Dec 7, 2021

In the past two days, A-share stockholders have had a new talk and a new concept stock, that is, on-board EDR (Event Data Recorder, automotive event data recording system), which everyone is accustomed to call the car "black box".

Automotive chip inventories rebounded for the first time, and major manufacturers such as Infineon and TI released positive signals. Has the automotive market gone through a trough? Dec 6, 2021

In the circle of auto sales, the saying "Golden Nine, Silver and Ten" will circulate, that is, September and October of each year are the time when major auto companies start to sell. However, according to statistics released by A...

Alibaba Dharma Academy successfully developed a storage-computing integrated chip; SiFive announced the new RISC-V processor P650, which has a performance that exceeds the previous Dec 4, 2021

On December 3, Alibaba Dharma Academy announced the successful development of a new architecture chip. This is the world's first DRAM-based 3D bonded stacking storage-calculation integrated AI chip. It integrates a number of innov...

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