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Shanghai slicing implementation of sealing and control, chips/cars are impacted, Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory shuts down Mar 29, 2022

According to the report of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, from 0:00 to 24:00 on March 27, Shanghai added 50 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 3,450 asymptomatic infections. In recent days, there have bee...

He was once scolded for blocking Ziguang Zhanrui, but now he has sold its technical assets, and Leadcore Technology has withdrawn from the mobile phone chip business Mar 28, 2022

On March 25, Datang Telecom issued an announcement saying that the 16th meeting of the company's eighth board of directors reviewed and approved the "Proposal on the Transfer of LC1860 Chip and LC1881 Chip Related Technologies and...

The United States re-exempts 352 tariffs on Chinese imports, including a large number of electronic components such as motors, sensors, and aluminum electrolytic Mar 25, 2022

On the 23rd local time, the Office of the US Trade Representative issued a statement announcing the re-exemption of tariffs on 352 items imported from China. The new regulations will apply to imports from China between October 12,...

The 8-inch wafer capacity of power management chips is in short supply, so why can't it be migrated to 12 inches? Mar 23, 2022

As many fabs around the world officially expand production in 2021, the production capacity of semiconductor components will gradually increase in the next few years. According to data released by SEMI, the global semiconductor eq...

Semiconductor manufacturer Semtech recently issued a price increase letter Mar 22, 2022

According to media reports, semiconductor manufacturer Semtech recently issued a price increase letter, and will increase the price of all new orders for TVS (transient voltage suppression diodes) after March 14.

IPF2022 Inspur Information Ecological Partner Conference Held Mar 18, 2022

BEIJING, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 17, the Inspur Information Ecosystem Partner Conference IPF2022 was held with the theme of "intelligent computing, innovation, data integration". Nearly 100 experts and scholars, ...

Arm announced 1,000 layoffs, after more than 400 billion failed to sell itself Mar 16, 2022

In the early morning of March 15th, some foreign media released news that after Nvidia announced that it had given up more than 60 billion US dollars (more than 410 billion yuan) to acquire the British Arm company, the latter di...

Shenzhen presses the pause button, the chip is blocked on the coastline Mar 15, 2022

Starting from March 14, Shenzhen officially entered a one-week home office period. The city's bus and subway stopped running, and the whole city suddenly became quiet. However, for the domestic chip industry chain, the heart is ...

Something ASML didn't want to see happened Mar 9, 2022

Today's chips have become the soul of scientific and technological development, and if we want to have this soul, for now, lithography machines are none other than lithography machines. It is precisely because of this that Asmai...

Nvidia/Samsung were attacked one after another, and confidential information was leaked, involving RTX 40 series graphics cards and Qualcomm source code Mar 8, 2022

According to foreign media reports, South Korean giant Samsung Electronics was attacked by the hacker group Lapsus$, and nearly 190GB of confidential data was leaked.

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