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The development history of MCU core architecture and the development of mainstream core IP Mar 7, 2022

Electronic Enthusiasts Network reported (text / Cheng Wenzhi, Li Ningyuan) At present, MCU has penetrated into all areas of our lives, and it is almost difficult to find any area without MCU traces. Whether it is household app...

AKM has finally resumed supply, and the next wave of audio DAC replacement is just around the corner? Mar 2, 2022

2021 may not be a good year for audio enthusiasts. The shortage of chips such as main control and DAC not only raises product prices, but also makes many high-end audio products difficult to produce. However, since the beginning...

Intel/Lenovo/TSMC joins sanctions against Russia, can Musk crack the "killer" of Russian aerospace? Mar 1, 2022

At present, the situation in Russia and Ukraine is still in a state of high tension. It is obvious that Russia has the initiative, and it is possible to negotiate and advance the army. However, in addition to Russia

The semiconductor market has changed from a comprehensive shortage to a partial shortage! How long will the sweet period of the 28nm node last? Feb 17, 2022

(Electronic Enthusiast Network reported article / Zhang Ying) On February 16, the latest data from the American Semiconductor Association SIA showed that global semiconductor sales in 2021 will reach a record $555.9 billion, a y...

Up to 99 weeks! The 2022 chip delivery period will be extended again! Demand is pre-emptive, production expansion is crazy, and oversupply is too early Feb 16, 2022

The global chip shortage last year led to the expansion of the entire semiconductor industry. ICinsights’ previous report pointed out that global semiconductor capital expenditures will reach $152 billion in 2021, a record high, a...

Bringing the itinerary code home to quarantine? Migrant workers, don't panic! Find out about the positioning accuracy of the base station Jan 19, 2022

The Spring Festival is approaching, but perhaps what everyone is most worried about this year is not that they can't buy a ticket to go home, but that they will be quarantined after they go home. Indeed, starting in November last ...

Microsoft, Intel, Meta, etc., poached Apple's chip engineers, and the talent competition has been upgraded! Jan 17, 2022

Recently, a large number of Apple engineers have been poached. According to foreign media reports, Apple senior engineer Mike Filippo will join Microsoft as the chief architect, responsible for the development of Azure server chip...

After 4 years of investment of more than 50 billion yuan, Evergrande's first car was off the assembly line, and the progress surpassed Jia Yueting's FF? Jan 14, 2022

Evergrande officially announced that the first car of Evergrande Auto Hengchi 5 rolled off the assembly line, 12 days earlier than the original plan. This is the first model of Evergrande Auto and has entered the mass production c...

Chip industry salary chaos! With an annual salary of 6 million and the applicant becoming Party A, what is the end of the talent war? Jan 13, 2022

At the end of 2021, after Apple and Meta launched a “people-robbing war” in the metaverse field, Intel also implemented a structural major salary adjustment in early 2022, and plans to recruit talents from the seven major chip and...

Anji Technology participated in the integrated circuit super process technology workshop Jan 12, 2022

SHANGHAI, November 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 19, the 2021 Integrated Circuit Ultra-Clean Process Technology Workshop jointly organized by the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and Coba...

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