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Murata Power Solutions

- Murata Power Solutions designs and manufactures DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies, Magnetics, Data Acquisition devices and Digital Panel Meters, and offers these products in custom, standard and modified-standard variations. Currently the world's number 1 supplier of DC/DC converters and one of the top 5 largest suppliers of power electronics overall, our products are used within numerous applications including telecommunications, computing, industrial, medical, office-equipment and more.

Murata Power Solutions was formed in 2007 when Murata Manufacturing Corporation acquired the power electronics division of C&D Technologies. We are headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts (USA) with over 1,300 employees in locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Japan, China and Singapore.

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OKI-78SR-3.3/1.5-W36H-C OKI-78SR-3.3/1.5-W36H-C CONV DC/DC 1.5A 24VIN 3.3VOUT 9394 Details
DRQ-12/50-L48NB-C DRQ-12/50-L48NB-C DC/DC CONV TH QB 12V 600W 83 Details
MGJ2D151505SC MGJ2D151505SC DC/DC CONVERTER 15V -5V 2W 716 Details
UWE-15/5-Q12PB-C UWE-15/5-Q12PB-C CONV DC/DC 75W 15V 5A 574 Details
NTE0303MC NTE0303MC CONV DC/DC 1W 3.3VIN 3.3V 1KV 568 Details
UWR-5/8-D24A-C UWR-5/8-D24A-C CONV DC/DC 5V 8A SINGLE A T/H 391 Details
NMK1515SAC NMK1515SAC DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 2W 348 Details
UWE-24/3-Q12PB-C UWE-24/3-Q12PB-C CONV DC/DC 72W 24V 3A 222 Details
NDY0512C NDY0512C CONV DC/DC 3W 5VIN 12VOUT DIP24 214 Details
MTE1S2409MC MTE1S2409MC DC/DC CONVERTER 9V 111MA 1W 184 Details
NDL2409SC NDL2409SC CONV DC/DC 2W 24VIN 9VOUT SIP 1813 Details
NXJ1S1212MC-R7 NXJ1S1212MC-R7 DC/DC SM 1W 12V-12V SINGLE 4.2KV 180 Details
NDH2412SC NDH2412SC CONV DC/DC 3W 24VIN 12VOUT SIP 1685 Details
NMK1212SAC NMK1212SAC DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 2W 140 Details
NDTD1212C NDTD1212C CONV DC/DC 3W 12VIN 12VOUT DIP24 1140 Details
BWR-15/575-D24A-C BWR-15/575-D24A-C CONV DC/DC +/-15V +/-575MA DIP 109 Details
NMK2409SC NMK2409SC DC/DC CONVERTER +/-9V 2W 100 Details
UWE-5/15-Q12PB-C UWE-5/15-Q12PB-C CONV DC/DC 75W 5V 15A 463 Details
MTC1S1212MC-R13 MTC1S1212MC-R13 CONV DC/DC 12V 1W 450 Details
OKX-T/5-W5P-C OKX-T/5-W5P-C DC-DC CONVRT 0.7525-3.6V 5A 5SIP 300 Details
MER1S4815SC MER1S4815SC CONV DC/DC 1KVDC TH 1W 48-15V 285 Details
UQQ-5/17-Q12PB-C UQQ-5/17-Q12PB-C CONV DC/DC 85W 17A 5V T/H 278 Details
CRE1S0505SC CRE1S0505SC DC/DC TH 1W 5-5V SIP SINGLE 245 Details
MEV1S2412SC MEV1S2412SC DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 1W 217 Details
NDTD2405C NDTD2405C CONV DC/DC 3W 24VIN 5VOUT DIP24 190 Details
NMJ0509SAC NMJ0509SAC CONV DC/DC 1W 5VIN 9V SIP 5.2KV 174 Details
BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D12-C BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D12-C CONV DC/DC 5/3.3V 6/7A DIP 170 Details
BWR-15/330-D48A-C BWR-15/330-D48A-C CONV DC/DC +/-15V +/-330MA DIP 168 Details
BPM15-150-Q48-C BPM15-150-Q48-C DC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15W 163 Details
MER1S4805SC MER1S4805SC CONV DC/DC 1KVDC TH 1W 48-5V 1302 Details
NPH10S2412IC NPH10S2412IC CONV DC/DC 10W24VIN 12.1VOUT DIP 1274 Details
NTA0512MC NTA0512MC CONV DC/DC SM 1W 5VIN 12V DL 1KV 124 Details
BEI15-150-Q12N-C BEI15-150-Q12N-C CONV DC/DC DL OUT +/-15V NEG POL 123 Details
NTE0512MC NTE0512MC CONV DC/DC 1W 5VIN 12V SGL 1KV 737 Details
OKI-78SR-12/1.0-W36E-C OKI-78SR-12/1.0-W36E-C DC DC CONVERTER 12V 12W 502 Details
MEV1D0512DC MEV1D0512DC DC/DC 3KVDC DIP 1W 5V TO +/-12V 426 Details
NML0515SC NML0515SC CONV DC/DC 2W 5VIN 15VOUT SIP 314 Details
NMJ0505SAC NMJ0505SAC CONV DC/DC 1W 5VIN 5V SIP 5.2KV 208 Details
NMJ1205SC NMJ1205SC CONV DC/DC 1W 12VIN 5V SIP 5.2KV 187 Details
NXJ1S0305MC-R7 NXJ1S0305MC-R7 DC/DC SM 1W 3.3V-5V SINGLE 4.2KV 180 Details
NML1215SC NML1215SC CONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN 15VOUT SIP 132 Details
BEI15-150-Q12P-C BEI15-150-Q12P-C CONV DC/DC DL OUT +/-15V POS POL 1216 Details
NML1212SC NML1212SC CONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN 12VOUT SIP 1106 Details
ULS-5/20-D48N-C ULS-5/20-D48N-C DC/DC CONVERT 5V 20A 96 Details
NME1212SC NME1212SC CONV DC/DC 1W 12VIN 12V SIP SGL 89 Details
NDTD0515C NDTD0515C CONV DC/DC 3W 5VIN 15VOUT DIP24 741 Details
OKI-78SR-3.3/1.5-W36HE-C OKI-78SR-3.3/1.5-W36HE-C DC DC CONVERTER 3.3V 5W 630 Details
BPM15-050-Q48-C BPM15-050-Q48-C DC/DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15W 475 Details
HPQ-12/25-D48NB-C HPQ-12/25-D48NB-C CONV DC/DC 300W 12V 25A NEG LOG 253 Details
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