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Directory of Power Management Chips Used by 99% of Engineers Jan 18, 2020

Overview: Power management chips (PMICs) are widely used in circuits because of their wide variety and complex part numbers. They are one of the components that hardware engineers need to spend more time on selection. The followin...

2020 CES show Las Vegas gathers global feast of technology Jan 17, 2020

2020 CES has always been a large-scale exhibition looking at global technology trends and 2020 consumer electronics and high-tech applications. Highlights of this show are 8K-resolution TVs, driverless cars, and AMD chips. For mor...

STMicroelectronics / Infineon / Roma and other manufacturers scuffle, who is the final winner of the SiC market? Jan 17, 2020

Not long ago, STMicroelectronics outlined its plans to develop the silicon carbide (SiC) business as a key part of its strategy and revenues at its Catania, Italy facility. At ST's recent quarterly and annual results presentation,...

PVT4 Serisi Anti-Vandal Anahtarı Jan 17, 2020

E-Switch'in PVT4 serisi anti-vandal anahtarı, net bir dokunma sağlar aktüatöre takılmak.

2020 The 14th Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held on July 29-31, 2020. Jan 6, 2020

It's expected to be a complete showcase of IoT industry chain with more than 800 exhibitors.It is exclusively dedicated to showcasing the whole IoT industry chain (Perceptual Layer, Network Layer and Intelligent Application layer ...

New trends in 2020 iot Jan 4, 2020

Overview: The concept of the Internet of Everything goes into every aspect of life step by step. It is constantly changing the traditional operation mode in order to more easily, accurately and easily control life and improve unne...

Everything connected IOT --- ESP32 Dec 31, 2019

The Internet of Things (IOT) refers to the use of various information sensors, radio frequency identification technology, global positioning systems, infrared sensors, laser scanners and other devices and technologies to collect a...

The development chip cannot imagine "curve overtaking", the domestic CPU emphasizes the establishment of an independent ecology Dec 26, 2019

"The development of core technologies requires the spirit of seeking truth from facts and the style of seeking truth from facts. Don't fantasize about" overtaking in corners. "Hu Weiwu, chairman of the domestic CPU maker Longxin Z...

The “Belt and Road” circle of friends expanded in 2019 Dec 25, 2019

Nearly 200 former foreign dignitaries, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries attended the forum.

Product Categories Overview Dec 17, 2019

Panjit categories overview as follows, any manufactures factories need semiconductors from China can contact with us. our company provides BOM service and wholesales different kinds of electronics components.

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