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Directory of Power Management Chips Used by 99% of Engineers

Release on : Jan 18, 2020

Overview: Power management chips (PMICs) are widely used in circuits because of their wide variety and complex part numbers. They are one of the components that hardware engineers need to spend more time on selection. The following PMIC catalog (part), selects the DC-DC power converter, linear/low dropout stabilizer and reference voltage regulator selection guide that is more commonly used by engineers for your reference.


PART1DC-DC power converter ▼

1.High-efficiency 3A switching regulator AP1501

2. Low noise charge pump DC-DC power converter AAT3114

3. High-performance step-down DC-DC power converter ISL6420

4.High-efficiency DC-DC power conversion controller IRU3037

5. Small power polarity inversion power converter ICL7660

6. Monolithic Buck Switching Regulator L4960

7.1A High-Efficiency Step-Up / Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter L5970

8.2A High-Efficiency Monolithic Switching Regulator L4978

9. High power switching regulator L4970A

10.1.5A Step-Down Switching Regulator L4971

11.High-efficiency 5A switching regulator LM2678

12.3A Step-Down Switching Regulator LM2596

13.High efficiency 1A step-down monolithic switching regulator LM1575 / LM2575 / LM2575HV

14.3A Step-Down Monolithic Switching Regulator LM2576 / LM2576HV

15. Adjustable boost switching regulator LM2577

16.Low noise boost power converter LM2750

17. Current mode boost power converter LM2733


18. Small 75V Buck Regulator LM5007

19. Step-up DC-DC power converter LM2703 / LM2704

20. Current mode boost power converter LM2733

21. Low power step-up / step-down DC-DC power converter LT1073

22.Boost DC-DC Power Converter LT1615

23. Isolated Switching Regulator LT1725

24. High-Current High-Frequency Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter LT1765

25. Low Noise and High Efficiency Buck Charge Pump LTC1911

26. High current boost converter LT1935

27. High-efficiency step-up charge pump LT1937

28. Low Noise Charge Pump LTC3200

29. Miniature Low Power Power Converter LTC1754

30. High-voltage input step-down power converter LT1956

31.1.5A Step-up Power Converter LT1961

32. High-voltage step-up / step-down power converter LT3433

33. Monolithic 3A Step-Up DC-DC Power Converter LT3436

34. Universal step-up DC-DC power converter LT3460

35. High Efficiency and Low Power Boost Converter LT3464

36.1.1A Step-up DC-DC Power Converter LT3467

37. Large current and high efficiency step-up DC-DC power converter LT3782

38.1.5A Monolithic Synchronous Buck Regulator LTC1875

39. Step-down synchronous DC-DC power conversion controller LTC3770

40. Non-Inductive Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter LTC3251

41. Synchronous Rectification / Boost DC-DC Power Converter LTC3401

42. Dual 2-phase DC-DC power supply synchronous controller LTC3802

43 Low Power Synchronous Rectification Boost DC-DC Power Converter LTC3402

44. Synchronous Rectification Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter LTC3405

45. Dual Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter LTC3407

46. ​​High Efficiency Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter LTC3416

47. Miniature 2A Step-up DC-DC Power Converter LTC3426

48.2A Two-Phase Current Boost DC-DC Power Converter LTC3428

49.Single Inductance Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter LTC3440

50. Large current step-up / step-down DC-DC power converter LTC3442

51.1.4A synchronous boost DC-DC power converter LTC3458

52. DC synchronous step-down DC-DC power converter LTC3703

53. Dual output step-down synchronous DC-DC power conversion controller LTC3736

54. MAX1642 High Efficiency Step-Up DC-DC Power Converter

55. Step-up DC-DC Power Converter MAX1583 Driving White LED

56. High-performance step-up DC-DC power converter MAX1513

57. Compact Step-Up DC-DC Power Converter MAX1522 / MAX1523 / MAX1524

58. High Efficiency 40V Step-Up DC-DC Power Converter MAX1553 / MAX1554

59. High Efficiency Boost LED Voltage Regulator MAX1561 / MAX1599

60. High-efficiency 5-output DC-DC power converter MAX1565

61. MAX1582 dual output step-up DC-DC power converter

62. Boost / Buck Charge Pump MAX1759

63. Step-up DC-DC power converter MAX1947 with reset function

64.2A Step-Down Switching Regulator MAX1644

65. High-efficiency step-up DC-DC power converter MAX1674 / MAX1675 / MAX1676

66. High-efficiency dual-output DC-DC power converter MAX1677

67. Low Noise 1A Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter MAX1684 / MAX1685

68. High-efficiency step-up DC-DC power converter MAX1698

69. High-efficiency dual-output step-down DC-DC power converter MAX1715

70. Small size step-up DC-DC power converter MAX1722 / MAX1723 / MAX1724

71. Step-down Charge Pump MAX1730 with 50mA Output Current

72. High Efficiency PWM Step-Down Regulator MAX1992 / MAX1993

73. Low-Power Step-Up or Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter MAX629

74.3A Synchronous Rectifier Buck Regulator MAX1830 / MAX1831

75. Dual Output Switching LCD Power Controller MAX1878

76. Current Mode Boost DC-DC Power Converter MAX1896

77.PWM step-up DC-DC power converter MAX668 / MAX669

78. High Current PWM Step-Down Switching Regulator MAX724 / MAX726

79. High current output step-up DC-DC power converter MAX618

80. High Efficiency Step-Up DC-DC Power Converter MAX756 / MAX757

81. Isolated DC-DC Power Converter MAX8515 / MAX8515A

82. High efficiency and high current DC-DC power converter MAX761 / MAX762

83. High-Performance 24V Step-Up DC-DC Power Converter MAX8727

84. High Current High Speed ​​Regulator RT9173 / RT9173A

85. High Efficiency DC-DC Power Converter UCC39421

86. High Frequency Pulse Width Modulation Buck Regulator MIC2203

87. High Power DC-DC Boost Power Converter MIC2295

88.5A step-up / step-down / reverse DC-DC power converter MC33167 / MC34167

89. Step-up / step-down DC-DC power converter MC33063A / MC34063A

90. Low Noise Non-Inductive Charge Pump MCP1252 / MCP1253

91. Monolithic Miniature High Voltage Switching Regulator NCP1030 / NCP1031

92. Low power step-up DC-DC power converter NCP1400A

93. High voltage DC-DC power converter NCP1403

94. Monolithic Micropower High Frequency Step-Up DC-DC Power Converter NCP1410

95. Synchronous Rectification PFM Stepping DC-DC Power Converter NCP1421

96. High Efficiency High Current Switching Voltage Regulator NCP1442 / NCP1443

97. New dual-mode switching regulator NCP1501

98. High efficiency and high current output DC-DC power converter NCP1550

99. High-efficiency step-up DC-DC power converter NCP5008

100.New high efficiency DC-DC power converter TPS54350

101. Non-Inductive Buck Charge Pump TPS6050x

102. High Efficiency Boost Power Converter TPS6101x

103.28V Constant Current White LED Driver TPS61042

104. Step-up DC-DC Power Converter TPS6112x with LDO Output

105. Low Noise Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Power Converter TPS6200x

106. Three-way high-efficiency high-power DC-DC power converter TPS75003

107. PWM Controlled Boost DC-DC Power Converter XC6371

108. DC-DC power converter XC9116 for white LED driving

109.500mA synchronous rectified step-down DC-DC power converter XC9215 / XC9216

110. Regulated output charge pump XC9802

PART2 linear / low dropout regulator ▼

1. Multi-terminal regulator BAXXX with shutdown function

2.Multiple output regulator KA7630 / KA7631

3.Three-terminal low dropout voltage regulator LM2937

4. Adjustable output low dropout regulator LM2991

5.Three-terminal adjustable voltage regulator LM117 / LM317

6.Low dropout CMOS 500mA linear regulator LP38691 / LP38693

7.Adjustable linear regulator LR8 with input voltage from 12V to 450V

8.300mA Very Low Dropout Regulator (VLDO) LTC3025

9.LX8610 High Current Low Dropout Linear Regulator

10.200mA negative output low dropout linear regulator MAX1735

11.150mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator MAX8875

12.Low-Dropout Regulator MC33375 with Switch Control

13. Regulator MC33998 with Linear Regulator

14.1.0A Low Dropout Fixed and Adjustable Positive Regulator NCP1117

15.Low quiescent current low dropout voltage regulator NCP562 / NCP563

16.Boost Power Converter TPS6110x with Linear Regulator


17. Low power 50mA low dropout linear regulator TPS760xx

18. High input voltage low dropout linear regulator XC6202

19. High-speed low-dropout linear regulator XC6204

20. High-speed low-dropout linear regulator XC6209F

21. Dual high-speed low-dropout linear regulator XC6401

PART3 reference voltage source ▼


1.New XFET voltage reference ADR291 / ADR292 / ADR293

2. Low power consumption, low dropout, large output current reference voltage source MAX610x

3. Low power 1.2V reference voltage source MAX6120

4.2.5V Precision Reference Voltage Source MC1403

5.2.5V / 4.096V reference voltage source MCP1525 / MCP1541

6. Low power precision low dropout voltage reference REF30xx / REF31xx

7. Precision reference voltage source TL431 / KA431 / TLV431A

REF30     LM317

Did the above PMIC selection list help you? Due to the length of the space, this article has only selected a part of the model catalog. If you want to get more PMIC models in the above catalog and more, you can do this: